The Crowd by Birmingham photographer Barry Robinson

Kings Heath Street Festival

There’s a lot of festivals and celebrations in that happen every year in every city, and Birmingham is no exception. The Kings Heath Street Festival is a new one, but one that hopefully will grow in the years to come.

The success or failure of these events comes down to good planning and the small details. The stalls and music are some of the elements that contribute to the quality of the event, but it’s small touches that really make or break something like this. The choice of stalls and vendors. The diversity of food and art, crafts and the provision of things that don’t cost a small fortune. I’m pleased to say that on the whole all those elements were present, except perhaps for the great music which seemed to be sadly lacking while we where present.

This turned out to be a party that everyone could enjoy, which in event terms is pretty much the holy grail. The placement of street furniture created an intimate and conversational vibe. The presence of artists creating on the street, and the diversity of goods and services on offer all added to the generally positive feel.

Some of the great local bands would have been a fine addition, but perhaps we just missed that, and there’s always next year. Though saying that in forty-five minutes something interesting should happen on the main stage.

All that said this was a very creative festival, and everything fitted together in a unique way to create a modern and positive feel to the event that was very enjoyable and relaxing. The absence of oppressive over policing was very welcome, but neither was there a drunken party atmosphere. It was equally a place to go for an afternoon of drink with friends, or somewhere to take out the kids.

The fact that the streets furniture was actual furniture really did make this a comfortable, origional, and intimate event. The presence of a large Ferris wheel at the end of the street put the whole thing into a different league.

It’s fair to say that Kings Heath put on a great event, and they should be commended for the way it was all handled. It was a day that next year I would definitely go back to, and possibly stay a lot longer, especially if it’s another great summer 🙂


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