Kings Norton Skate Park

When I was a kid we didn’t have a skate park as such. We had a large hill with a winding path split by pot holes and strewn with rocks. We’d set up planks as jumps and obstacles to swerve round, then try not to end up in an ambulance, and still pull off a trick or two.

BMX Tricks
BMX tricks in King’s Norton skate park,

To me, the best thing about owning a board at the age of twelve was racing out of control through a barrage of rain and sleet, pushing one move into another like a dance on wheels and missing gravel-filled obstacles.

It was a gateway to a freedom you couldn’t get anywhere else. A sense of absolute singularity and a harmony with sound and movement… that, or you ended up on the concrete, sprawled across the floor.

That sense of flying through a careful chaos; that sequence of events leading to the perfect execution of some new trick; was the highest achievement you could aspire to. Not just for the bragging rights, but for the simple joy of having done it.

These days I don’t get to take my board out much. I’m too busy behind the camera to want, or need, that thrill anymore, but I can’t say that I don’t miss it. That’s why the moment I got my hands on my brand new Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens [complete with 4 stops of image stabilization] I just couldn’t wait to get down to Kings Norton skate park.

For me, shooting skaters has become something of an obsession, and while these pictures probably aren’t the jaw dropping, dramatic, rail-clutching shots you are probably dying to see, for me they are the epitome of the hard work that most people ignore until they see that perfect execution.

Working a trick day after day after day until it becomes a reflex! That takes more than just dedication, it takes absolute commitment, and a strange kind of madness…

If you need someone to shoot a sporting event, or just capture that once in a lifetime attempt then call me on 0777 079 1061 or just fill out the form below.

Thanks and have fun 🙂


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