Scooby Doo at the beach…

The last time I was in Southport I had the chance to shoot some pictures of a fairground while it was not being used. Or at least I though I had…

The guy on the gate told me it would be OK to go in and take some shots of the rides. I thought I was going to get a bunch of great close ups of empty spooky rides, what I got wasn’t anything like that, but I still like the results.

There’s something almost haunting about the idea of a disused fairground. It brings out the Scooby Doo in me. Images of pirate guy nearly getting away with it, “if not for the meddling kids” jump from my childhood into my head.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be! The owner found us, and turned us away before we could get to the park. But I got a few shots from outside that I really like, and some from the beach.

So in the end it just just a nice day out, that we all enjoyed it. I’m still waiting to find the abandoned gold mine, or fairground to shoot. Maybe one day 🙂


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