The old man

From where I started…

I started out, like my father, taking photographs of people on the streets. Simple things that pass between people, or across a face as a thought wells within.

Ever since I was a small child I’ve been fascinated by those beautiful pictures on the walls of our homes. Not that we ever had more than one at the same time, just more than one in my life time, and particularly my youth.

Those intimate moments between people forever in a frozen in a small space behind glass, etched into paper in black and white, served as a template for my own photography.

Importantly to me they are all people who I will never meet, never know, and never fully understand. Yet they were also people whose faces and expressions I studied until I knew by heart every line and shadow.

These five photographs are are taken from favorites of my own work, and I hope that one day they might inspire those same feelings in others…


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