The buss stop

Views from the estate

The place I live in is a strange contradiction of open fields, and urban estate.

This is without doubt a council estate! There is a block is on the edge of the estate that is infamous in the area. It’s rife with crime and drugs, and not a place I would never want to live. The door is broken to allow dealers in, and it’s strategically placed next to the chemist.

It’s also not a great place for culture. There is one local shop, and not much else. On the edge of Birmingham it sprawls across a vast area through little lanes and roads that interconnect in a winding maze.

Yet it remains a place of outstanding beauty if you just move your gaze. The fields in summer are full of plants and grasses that reach up to your waist. In winter it is a wonderfully plain and stark landscape. In short it is both edgy, and as beautiful as any nature reserve, all in the space of a few hundred yards.


Even the blocks themselves in the right light can be stunning 🙂




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